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All the consignors should check the commodity before the shipment. We will never deliver any legal prohibitions such as piracy, obscene and drugs, etc. The entire import commodity should be scanned by the X-Ray, uncrated and checked in the Customer Supervision Center. Meanwhile, there are drug sniffing dogs and custom officers. Where the consignor violates the previous paragraph, the consignor will be charged all the duties.

The consignor can use the cartons with logo of “China-trans Worldwide Ltd” free. If not, there will be no deductions. After confirmed the quotation, we can offer one free time cartons to the consignor and the consignor should pay the deposit at the same time. Meanwhile we will deduct the deposit in the freightage. Furthermore, each size of the carton is HKD20. We will take the charge of HKD300 deliver fee to send the cartons second times.

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The comprehensive coverage will be charged in 3% of the sum insured. If the commodity which insured lost, damaged and shortage, we will compensate the commodity based on its real lost value, but no more than the insured commodity’s insurance. We will compensate the uninsured commodity HKD 5 per kilogram for losing, damaging and missing. Thus we advice all the consigners buy the cargo transportation insurance. By the way, everyone who buys the insurance should know that the deductibles are HKD 1,000. That is if the commodity’s damaged value less than HKD 1,000, the insurance company will not pay for the damage.